Friday, March 2, 2012

It's not good~

Hi people.
lately, i felt annoyed.
nak tau kenapa?
pasal people yang suka boast and brag about something that related to their life.
Please people. You can be boasting and brag about your life
but please not frequently.
Memang betul kegunaan social network for sharing.
but not sharing about your personal life people.
u really think it's quite fun to boast about your personal life
but to other people, they talked behind your back.
share something useful such as information or maybe something that funny
or sad..whatever. not 100 percent you status mention about your personal
life . you can share but not in detail.
i don't know, maybe that is your way of sharing something.
just remember this la.
kadang-kadang sesetengah orang rasa kesian nak unfriend or unsubscribe.
sebab anda adalah kawan.
nanti timbul pulak soal tacing2.

p/s: ada yang terasa , maaf. luahan pendapat sahaja.