Sunday, October 24, 2010


what i wish now already happened..
all the things that i been busy nowadays, finally
done slowly..
the Bengkel 2..
now it already done.. only the documentation i must finish i before this friday..
Omg.. it finally finished..
thanks to may group and my supervisor for the great effort for this subject..

and u know what.. we win the competition in category best Bunting and
omg.. our group member was shocked and one of our group.. cried when
we take our prize.. haha
a very sweet moment that i will remember always..
and also .. now.. i am capable to do 3D animation..
how dats sound hah!

now.. i just need to finish the other subject mini project that must had in before friday.. come on ayu..
u can do it isn't it.. heheh

hope i can do well in this semester..
and doing a great battle for my PSM next semester..
heheheh.. hwaiting!

~ Sweet Moment came when we encounter difficulties ~

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