Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Did You Know?

Did you know?
i know you don't have the answer for this question..haha
okay not funny.

what i want to say is
the best thing when you are unemployed is you can stay
at home , eat, and eat, and eat until you kembang. haha
Not just that, if you go out leisurely with your friends,
sometime they are willing to belanja uolss.
padahal kita tak mintak pun. hehe bersyukur okey.
like my friends, they just called me, and ask me to come,
bawak perut and makan.
how's wonderfull is that? hehe

but watch out, after you already got a job,
they will hunting you like a zombie,
to make you belanja them with your first salary.
but my friend, you should know this,
after i get a job, i dont mind you hunt me like a zombie,
coz you guys are amazing friends to me.

after i get a job la kan. haha i wonder when i will get it.

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