Monday, January 23, 2012

Tough Month~

it's been a while i post something here.
well as u know the title is tough month and obviously i had an issue lately.
why i'm doing it in English? haha the answer is, i don't know.

okay2. back to the topic.
i already got a job before this, my LI company offered me to continue at there.
i'm so happy at first coz i love the staff, they like my old friends.
after five days 1've work at there, they suddenly called me and said that
they had financial problem? i wonder why after i already work.
they cannot pay me, i have to quit.
they should told me earlier.
i'm sad, and angry at the same time.
i think everyone should feel angry, am i right?

Allah gave me challenge already although its only a few weeks after i'm finished my study.
Allah maha besar, and DIA maha adil.
i know, Allah already save the best for me.
it's not my destiny there maybe at other places.

i accept the fate, and now i'll try to move on.
"ini semua rencah kehiduan yang harus dilalui.
kalau tak, hilanglah keseronokan hidup bila tiada dugaan."
its make me become a better person.
and know what exactly i need when i faced all those challenges.

whatever it is,
i need to move on,
feel happy with my life.
coz i'm really blissful when i had my friends and family, and of course my love one,
that always support me. ALWAYS.
thanks love!

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duke hiruma said...

ak da bace da ayyu.. paham da.. keke